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HITN Community focuses on health, wellness, education, science and technology. HITN Community also partners with hospitals, schools and museums to bring the best in every community to our viewers


Our programming is educator curated and approved. HITN Community works directly with schools to deliver digital content designed with your child in mind at every stage during their development. From preschool to high school, explore how we can support your family’s education.

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Have a health question? We have an answer. We strive to help you confidently navigate questions about your family’s health simply and directly. Our expert-approved health resources cover a variety of topics from nutrition to physical exercise. Learn more about our health initiatives and content.

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HITN has a special segment to highlight success stories of those members from the Hispanic community across the country whose lives are devoted to generate a much-needed change for our society.

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Family is at the heart of HITN. We aim to support families of all shapes and sizes through parenting guidance and resources for children. We have created digital workshops, virtual initiatives and bootcamps, in real life programming and more. See how we can help.

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