• HITN TV reaches over 44 million households with Spanish language programming that focuses on documentaries, on health, science, travel, and lifestyle broadcasts, and on educational programs for children. HITN TV programs are broadcast nationally, on all major cable and satellite carriers.

  • HITN Learning develops and distributes highly effective transmedia learning resources for young children, their parents and their teachers. The engaging content focuses on strengthening literacy, math and English language skills to help ensure all children enter school ready to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

  • HITN and communities are inextricably linked. We provide a media voice for the work of local, regional and national Hispanic organizations and serve Hispanic populations and their leaders by offering compelling content and the reach needed to empower and advance our communities.

  • Tu Momento: An education and information initiative designed to help the Hispanic community understand how the complex United States electoral system works and to keep the Hispanic community informed.


Educate and Entertain

Engage through entertainment, empower through education

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HITN Learning

Promote Success in School and in Life

Ensure all children start school ready to learn and stay on track through college or career

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HITN Community

Provide a Voice and Reach

Promote and support the efforts of Hispanic organizations, communities, and their leaders

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HITN Spectrum

HITN is the largest holder of Educational Broadband Spectrum, covering over 100 million people in 80 markets in the United States and Puerto Rico.

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High Five Bilingüe

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