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Inaugural ¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Festival Announces Call for Entries


HITN invites filmmakers to participate in inaugural film festival empowering young Latinx creatives

Brooklyn, NY – ¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Festival is now accepting submissions for its first annual festival, set to debut from Sept. 18 to Oct. 16, 2021. Previously scheduled to take place on April 2020, the online film festival had to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Presented by HITN TV, the ¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Festival is designed to support emerging Latinx filmmakers and creatives in their endeavors. It informs, inspires, and elevates the voices of those who struggle for visibility on screen and behind the camera by providing a platform for young changemakers to express themselves through art, creativity, and innovation.

“This initiative aims to shine a light on compelling, untold Latinx stories. We want to showcase the talents, vision, history, and culture of historically marginalized and underrepresented communities; in this way, the festival gives young Latinos a platform to express their perspectives through film,” said Lina Sands, Director of Marketing at HITN.

“We’re excited to be back and look forward to welcoming submissions for our rescheduled 2021 inaugural edition,” added Luis Alejandro Molina, ¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Festival Director. “This festival’s theme speaks to what brought us to this moment in time and invites us to imagine a future where we are all seen, heard, and most importantly, counted. Beyond promoting diversity and inclusion, the festival and its series of “Conversations Among X” virtual panels are designed to invite discussion and reflection among the larger Latinx content-creating community about the issues that affect us today. Whether you are an amateur filmmaker in college or a high school student who aspires to make movies one day, we want to hear your story.”

Beyond the film festival, the ¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Festival presents a tri-weekly series of networking and entertaining virtual panels featuring well-known, award-winning filmmakers, artists, and creatives – all sharing their stories, experiences, and insights to help young Latinx looking to grow in the industry. Find out about upcoming “Conversations Among X” panels at

The ¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Festival hosts short films that feature a Latinx in a creative lead position either in front or behind the camera. High school and college students are invited to direct, shoot and create their films to enter the festival. English or Spanish-language works of fiction or nonfiction are welcome. Films must be 30 minutes or less in length.

Qualified filmmakers can submit their entries on or through Film Freeway.

Submission fees are structured as follows:

  • • Early Bird Entry: Free from July 19, 2021 to Aug. 2, 2021.
  • Standard Entry: $20 submission fee from Aug. 3, 2021 to Aug. 16, 2021.
  • Late Entry: $25 submission fee from Aug. 17, 2021 to Aug. 30, 2021.

Special fees apply for student films:

  • Early Bird Entry: Free from July 19, 2021 to Aug. 2, 2021.
  • Standard Entry: $10 submission fee from Aug. 3, 2021 to Aug. 16, 2021.
  • Late Entry: $15 submission fee from Aug. 17, 2021 to Aug. 30, 2021.

Eligibility Criteria

Entries will be selected by submission only. Films must be 30 minutes or less in length.

All film genres, including documentary, drama, animation, comedy, and narrative, are eligible.

Filmmakers must be 16 years of age or older to be eligible to enter, or if younger, submit parental / guardian permission.

Only films completed between Jan. 1, 2017 and Jan. 31, 2021 are eligible for this festival. Visit for a complete list of rules and eligibility criteria.


The selection of films for the ¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Festival will be announced on September 13 and the selection will be screened on from Sept. 18 to Oct. 16, 2021.

An independent jury will evaluate all entries based on a variety of factors, including awareness of the subject matter, creativity in the approach of the subject matter, technical aspects such as directing, acting, cinematography and editing, originality, and inspirational and storytelling impact of the piece. Judges will select two winners from a pool of finalists. A grand prize winner will be chosen to receive a cash prize of $5000. An additional student scholarship of $2,000 will be awarded to the outstanding work submitted by a student. Certificates for e-learning courses will be given to recipients of honorable mentions to continue mastering their craft. Winners will be announced at the end of October on HITN GO and on the ¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Festival website.

To date, the ¡Tú Cuentas! Cine Youth Festival is being presented in collaboration with Northeastern Illinois University, Roberto Clemente Community Academy, Philadelphia Latino Film Festival, Centro – Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College, NALIP, Frank Sinatra High School, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, St. Francis College, and the University of Houston.

For information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Lina Sands, director of marketing, at


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New York is officially Open!


HITN Celebrated the reopening of New York with families and neighbors at the Larimar Community Center in the Bronx on Saturday, June 12, 2021.  Governor Andrew  M. Cuomo announced Covid-19 restrictions lifted as 70% of Adult New Yorkers have received first Dose of the Vaccine.

This celebratory event, “Welcome Back – Community Day” was hosted in partnership with NYS Assemblyman Jose Rivera and made possible with collaboration from Emblem Health, North Central Bronx Hospital and NYC Parks and Recreation.  Larimar Community Center is located on 2668 Decatur Avenue between 194/195 Streets.

The Event included FREE popcorn, cotton candy, face painting, balloon twisters, fun games and prizes for the entire family.  The event brought a renewed sense of energy and hope to the families in this community.

Don’t miss out on our next event in your community!


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HITN Broadcasts “Vacunate Por Todos” Exclusive Program Addressing Common Vaccine Concerns and Questions Among the Latino Community


The one-hour special program “Vacúnate Por Todos” will be presented by internationally recognized news anchor and award-winning journalist Maria Elena Salinas and Vida Y Salud’s Editor in Chief Dr. Aliza Lifshitz joined by health expert and investigator Dr. Carlos del Rio and Public Information Officer for California’s Task force, Yurina Melara on Thursday, June 24 at 7pm ET/PT

Brooklyn, NY – HITN, the leading Spanish-language network that provides educational and entertainment content to more than 44 million U.S. households, will air “Vacunate Por Todos” during primetime on HITN-TV on Thursday, June 24 at 7 PM ET/PT. This special program will address Covid-19 vaccine inaccuracies and current distrust in the Latino community; providing the most up to date information about the importance of getting vaccinated and examine which vaccines are available in the US along with the safety of each vaccine.

María Elena Salinas, one of the most recognized Hispanic female journalists in the United States, with a close to 40-year trajectory and winner of Emmy and Peabody awards for her excellence in coverage of elections, natural disasters, armed conflicts and interviews with acclaimed international artists and personalities, kicks off “Vacunate Por Todos” alongside Dr. Aliza A. Lifshitz, Editorial Director of HITN’s Health and Wellness Program ‘Vida y Salud’ and recognized as one of the 100 most influential Hispanics by the Hispanic Business Magazine. Amid the current ongoing hesitance in the Latino Community to access the COVID-19 vaccine, the program aims to arm Spanish speaking families with accurate information and supported research data to calm fears and doubts regarding Covid-19 vaccine myths and distrust. The panel will feature Dr. Carlos Del Rio, chief expert in the medical investigation field who is presently centerstage in the research area of the pandemic to discuss the differences between the vaccines available in the United States and share the latest data on Covid-19 vaccination rates among the Latino community.

According to the COVID Data Tracker by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 57% of those vaccinated shared their race/ethnicity. Out of said number, only 15% were Latino. However, in the last two weeks, 3 out of 10 vaccinations have gone to Latino residents in an effort to raise the numbers. Some of the obstacles that prevented the Latino community from getting vaccinated include fear of missing work due to side effects, the possible cost of vaccinations, immigration status, and unsolved questions around the vaccination program and individual vaccines. Some of the most recurrent questions raised around vaccines that the panel covers in the one-hour special are, “Why are the numbers of Latinos vaccinated so low? Is it out of fear or information? How long does immunity last? Will people need a third dose? Is it safe to vaccinate our children? Do the available vaccines protect against all variants of the virus?”

As leading expert in the field, Dr. Carlos del Rio is a distinguished Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Emory University School of Medicine and Executive Associate Dean for Emory at Grady. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Del Rio has led in research, developed policies, wrote scientific publications, and made countless media appearances as well as advising municipal, state, and national leaders on best practices and steps.

Lastly, Yurina Melara, the lead Spanish spokesperson and Public Information Officer II for California’s Vaccination Task Force focuses on sharing precise statistics that concern the Latino community to understand the relevance of the population’s vaccination.

Hosting “Vacunate Por Todos” from the city of Miami, Maria Elena Salinas and Dr. Aliza A. Lifshitz will connect with Dr. Carlos del Rio and Yurina Melara Valiulis, situated in the hubs of Atlanta and Los Angeles, as well as show public surveys conducted with Latino residents concerning vaccination knowledge and continuing circling myths around it on the streets of New York and LA.

HITN will broadcast the one-hour special on Thursday, June 24 at primetime 7 pm ET/4 pm PT, and feature a rerun on Thursday, June 24 at 10 pm/PT.

To learn more about “Vacunate Por Todos”, visit


HITN-TV is a leading Spanish-language media company that offers educational and cultural programming for the whole family. It reaches more than 44 million homes in the US and Puerto Rico via DIRECTV, AT&T U-verse, AT&T TV, DISH Network, Verizon FiOS TV, Comcast Xfinity, Charter Spectrum, Mediacom, CenturyLink Prism and Altice, Liberty Cable & Claro (Puerto Rico). Download the “HITN GO” Everywhere App available on Apple, Android, Apple TV and Roku® with a cable subscription. For more information visit: and follow @HITNtv on social platforms.

Remembering Armando Manzanero


More than a singer-songwriter, a humble and profound man

HITN, in co-production with VME, present an interview featuring beloved Mexican singer-songwriter Armando Manzanero by renowned Leila Cobo, Executive Director for Latin content and programming at Billboard Magazine. This tribute to the maestro will air on Sunday, January 3rd, 9:00 East/West Time on HITN-TV.

Brooklyn, New York – HITN, in co-production with VMETV, through HITN TV, have the honor of presenting a special program where Leila Cobo allows audiences to get to know the Mexican composer, musician, and artist Armando Manzanero who, through an interesting conversation and music, talks about his life, his motivations, the romanticism that runs through his veins and his successes that reveal with mischievous simplicity, the real Manzanero. The special program will be broadcasted on January 3rd at 9:00 p.m. East/West Time on HITN-TV.

After the sad loss of maestro Armando Manzanero at the age of 85 on December 28th, in Mexico City, HITN TV will air a special program as a tribute to one of the most important exponents of Latin music and modern bolero, who during his seven-decade career, composed over 400 memorable songs that were performed by the world’s greatest singers such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Andrea Bocelli, José, Alejandro Fernández and Luis Miguel, many of which have stood the test of time and the language barrier.

The journalist, writer, novelist, pianist, and TV presenter, Leila Cobo, allows us to see beyond the great singer-songwriter and witness a passionate of the piano, music, and good food, and a lover of love, a humble and engaging man, who enjoyed a good life with mischief and good humor.

Leila Cobo, Executive Director for Latin content and programming at Billboard Magazine commented, “Perhaps the most prolific and well-known composer of our Latin music, Armando Manzanero wrote some of the most emblematic and renowned songs of our continent and the world. In this interview, along with his piano, he told us about love, the stories behind the songs and always, his commitment to music and musicians”.

“For HITN it is an honor to be able to remember Armando Manzanero through his own words. Our audience has a deep emotional connection with his songs and his career”, said Erika Vogt-Lowell, Director of Programming and Acquisitions at HITN.

“VME has a significant programming archive and this interview with maestro Manzanero by Leila Cobo is an excellent example of the quality of our content. We are very pleased to be able to broadcast it at this important time to remember one of the great leaders of the Latin music industry”, said Doris Vogelmann, VP of Programming and Operations at VME.

Manzanero was born in Merida, Yucatan in 1935, and won first place in the 1st edition of the Miami Song Festival. In 1993, he was recognized with the Billboard Magazine Award of Excellence. In 2010 he received the Latin Grammy Award for his career and the Latin Grammy Award for best pop vocal album in a duo/group. He also chaired the Board of Directors of the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico. He was the anchor-man of the program “El estudio de Manzanero” on Channel 22. In 2014, the Recording Academy recognized him with the Grammy Award for Artistic Trajectory. Finally, in 2020 he won the Billboard Lifetime Achievement Award.


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Festival Reyes Magos de Vieques promotes Commemorative Plate for 2021


Recently, the non-profit group “Festival de los Reyes Magos de Vieques” promoted their annual campaign to raise school resources for the children of Vieques. HITN joined this campaign, producing a commercial for this benefit.

With great pride, they announced that Ada Rosa Rivera Negrón had designed the 2021 Festival of the Reyes Magos’ commemorative plate in Vieques. This outstanding exponent of Puerto Rican printmaking, a native of San Juan, produces works characterized by her patriotic ideology and women’s theme, from her workshop “Divino Engrabado.”

The plate “Reyes 2021” is a beautiful engraving of our Three Wise Men, made in black and white with touches of red. The wise men appear surrounded by leaves of the typical beach grape, with the symbols of the Vieques flag, the island’s silhouette, and one of the Kings carrying the emblematic word: “Peace”. This plate uses a technique different from all the others in the collection, engraving. The engraving adds another touch of creativity and individuality in the interpretation of the Kings. The Magi who come from the East and who, by geographical accident, inevitably arrive first in Vieques.

Professor and artist Rivera Negrón teaches at the Interamerican University, Bayamón Campus, at the San Juan School of Plastic Arts (where she began her studies), and at the Puerto Rico Art Museum, where she offers workshops and conferences. She has a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from the Autonomous University of Mexico.

Without fear of what awaits us and full of hope for the future. We thank Ada Rosa for being the brave and for bringing her art and talent to the children of Vieques, to the Puerto Rican tradition, and to the art that unites us so much.

For more information and to get your commemorative plate:


HITN-TV is a leading Spanish-language media company that offers educational and cultural programming for the whole family. It reaches more than 44 million viewers in the U.S. and Puerto Rico via DIRECTV, AT&T TV, DISH Network, AT&T U-verse TV, Verizon FiOS TV, Comcast, Charter Spectrum, Mediacom, CenturyLink Prism, and Altice. For more information, please visit



A series of virtual events that embrace pride and unity through music, literacy, resources and language to help families navigate the new normal

Brooklyn, NYHITN Learning, the educational division of HITN, celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 2020 by bringing together renowned authors, musicians, educational institutions and a roundtable of experts for a series of virtual events celebrating Hispanic cultures, history, and traditions that will generate insights and inspiration for Hispanic families trying to navigate the current climate.

“This has been a year of significant shifts and challenges that have left the future uncertain. Tapping deep into Hispanic cultures, history, and traditions can help our communities embrace the future with hope, determination, and enthusiasm.” said David Rust, General Manager of HITN Learning.

From September 15th to October 15th, HITN Learning is partnering with Common Sense Latino, Abriendo Puertas (Opening Doors), The New York Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) and New York State Head Start Association, (NYSHSA) to provide information and experiences that will help Hispanic families safely celebrate their Hispanic Heritage, offering tips and resources to help manage family life during a pandemic.

Here are important messages from the HITN Learning Hispanic Heritage Month partners:

Maria Alvarez, Vice President of Commonsense Latino commented I believe that now more than ever, in the middle of the global pandemic, our LatinX/Hispanic community deserves to be acknowledged. It’s exciting to see HITN Learning leading this wonderful month of celebration, and we are thrilled to be part of it.”

Adrián A. Pedroza, National Director of Strategic Partnerships of Abriendo Puertas / Opening Doors added, “Abriendo Puertas / Opening Doors is proud to partner with HITN Learning to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. During these extraordinary times it is more important now than ever that we take the time as a community to celebrate, share information, and prepare to seize a better future for our children. We believe that “the future belongs to those who prepare for it today,” and we are committed to this journey.”

DYCD’s commissioner Bill Chong said, “DYCD is proud to partner with HITN during Hispanic Heritage month. This special educational virtual series of events will provide our young people and their families with programming to celebrate Hispanic heritage and deepen their awareness of the contributions of Hispanic Americans who have shaped Latino and American history. During this trying time, it is important that our young people stay motivated and connected while gaining more knowledge of this rich culture.”

Carolyn L. Wiggins, Ed.M., President of New York State Head Start Association, (NYSHSA) added, The New York State Head Start Association is delighted to partner with HITN’s Second Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign, “Celebrating Language and Cultures in a World of New Challenges.” We look forward to sharing the events with all Head Start Programs across New York State. I encourage all to view the presentation on “Raising Children who Appreciate Diversity” on Facebook Live and the special webinar “Navigating the World of New Challenges”.

HITN Learning Hispanic Heritage Month 2020 Event Listings (all times ET.; all events carried on Facebook Live)

The 2020 campaign kicks off with a concert featuring Latin Grammy nominee Sonia De Los Santos, who has performed worldwide for families in English and Spanish. Sonia will launch the celebration with a LIVE virtual performance for the whole family Saturday, September 19 at 11:00 a.m.

On Thursday, September 24th at 7:00 p.m., HITN Learning will present “Raising Children Who Appreciate Diversity,” a discussion with social-emotional learning expert Dr. Lorea Martinez.

Award–winning children’s book author Raquel Ortiz will perform a fun, interactive bilingual reading of her picture book, When Julia Danced Bomba, accompanied by four-time Latin Grammy nominee William Cepeda. Families can join this event Saturday, October 3rd at 11:00 a.m.

To close out its celebration, HITN Learning will offer a special webinar, “Navigating a World of New Challenges for Hispanic Families,” on Wednesday, October 14th at 7 p.m. Leading education and parenting experts will present perspectives from their specific areas of expertise and engage in open discussion with each other and webinar participants. Hosted by Lina Acosta Sandaal, MA, psychotherapist & child development expert, the webinar will feature these HITN Learning Advisory Group members, plus special guests:

  • Lorea Martinez, Ph.D, a faculty member of the Summer Principals Academy at the Teachers College of Columbia University. Dr. Martinez is a social-emotional learning (SEL) consultant and researcher who supports schools, teachers, and families as they embrace and adopt SEL practices.
  • Dina C. Castro, Ph.D., Professor and Velma E. Schmidt Endowed Chair of Early Childhood Education at the University of North Texas. Dr. Castro is a researcher and teacher educator who serves on the Board of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Her research focuses on equity and quality in the early care and education of bilingual children from immigrant and indigenous communities.
  • Mariana Diaz-Wionczek, Ph.D., a children’s media consultant and advisor who uses her extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise in child psychology, cognitive development, bilingual education, trans-culturalism, and diversity & inclusion to help develop and produce quality content that resonates with children. Díaz –Wionczek, Children’s media specialist and TEDx Speaker commented, “HITN has always done an amazing job at promoting Latino-Hispanic heritage on and off screen. This HHM, they present a formidable series of virtual events that is a true celebration of Latino cultures while also being educational and presenting helpful information for Latino children and families.”

The Celebration of Language and Cultures initiative includes a robust social media campaign featuring specially produced video vignettes starring HITN Learning staff, fun facts, trivia, and content from Latino culture including crafts, and recipes for the entire family that reflect Hispanic traditions.

For more information on HITN Learning Hispanic Heritage Month 2020 visit

About HITN Learning

HITN Learning, the educational division of HITN, is committed to the social, emotional, and academic success of Hispanic/Latino children ages 0-14. Its mission is to provide parents, caregivers, and teachers with original learning media products, in English and Spanish, which engage Hispanic families on their educational journey. HITN Learning serves learners from all cultural backgrounds who value the bilingual English-Spanish experience. HITN has been a pioneer of the transmedia approach for close to a decade as lead partner in the Early Learning Collaborative (ELC) that was the recipient of a $30 million “Ready To Learn” grant from the U.S. Department of Education in 2010. To learn more, visit



HITN will present a special program “De Bandera a Bandera” featuring one of the largest Latino festivals that take place in the Midwest. The program will include a posthumous recognition of Ramón Lopez, a principal contributor to the concept of the ‘Paseo Boricua’ and a visit to three Puerto Rican towns that stand out for their traditions and cultural richness.

Brooklyn, NYHITN TV has announced a partnership with Chicago’s El Centro Cultural Puertorriqueño Juan Antonio Corretjer de Chicago (Juan Antonio Corretjer Puerto Rican Cultural Center, PRCC) for special coverage of the virtual 2020 Fiesta Boricua (Puerto Rican Festival). This is one of the largest Latino festivals, and the most important, that takes place in the Midwest. HITN’s coverage will include performances and an introduction to the Fiesta by Dr. Jesús Hernández Burgos, director of the Public Health Initiatives of the PRCC as well as a colorful segment, Lo Mejor de Nuestros Pueblos (The Best of Our Towns), highlighting the cultural heritage and traditions of three Puerto Rican towns. The special, De Bandera a Bandera (From Flag to Flag), will air on HITN on Sunday, September 6 at 6:30a.m. Pacific / 8:30 a.m. Central / 9:30 a.m. Eastern and will re-air at 9:30 a.m. Pacific /11:30 a.m. Central / 12:30 p.m. Eastern.

According to José E. López, Executive Director of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, “Fiesta Boricua has become the quintessential representation of our Puerto Rican-ness in Chicago, particularly as it highlights the rich legacy of the city’s cultural roots through music, dance, food, theatre, arts, and bringing to the stage new and emerging artists from Puerto Rico.”

This year the Fiesta Boricua celebrates the 25th anniversary of the installation of the flags in the well-known ‘Paseo Boricua’, a six-block segment of Division Street between Western and California Avenue adorned with Puerto Rican flags, for which there will be a posthumous tribute to a principal collaborator of the founding of Paseo Boricua, Ramón López, López. The program will also feature renowned musicians. Some who have participated in previous years are Willie Colón, Ismael Miranda, and El Gran Combo.

During the broadcast, HITN will include a colorful segment entitled “Lo Mejor de Nuestros Pueblos” (“The Best of Our Towns”), which will highlight the culinary specialties and cultural traditions of the three towns in Puerto Rico. One of the towns is Hormigueros, on the west side of the island. It is also known as the “pilgrimage town,” because the Basílica of Nuestra Señora de Monserrate is located in the town’s historic district. Mayor Pedro Garcia Figueroa says, “This virtual festival makes us re-experience the emotions we had in 2011, on that journey from flag to flag, where we carried the image of our patron, Maria De Monserrate, in the same way we have always done it through the streets of my town. We open our arms to our Puerto Rican brothers and sisters on this occasion, and we embrace them, because we are all one people.” HITN will also highlight the town of Loiza in eastern Puerto Rico, which is known for its cultural richness and Afro-Puerto Rican roots. Julia M. Nazario Fuentes, Loiza’s Mayor says, “Culture has a wonderful ‘soul’ that transcends borders, and now we know that it also overcomes the difficulties of the pandemic. In 2018 we had the honor of visiting Chicago for the Bandera a Bandera event, where we joined in fellowship with the people of our diaspora. This year we have had the joy of being part of the event, thanks to the wonders of technology. We hope you like Burén de Lina and Sheila’s turbans, as well as the music of Belelé and Junte Loiceño. When we least imagine it, we will embrace each other again. Whether here or there, we will always be Puerto Ricans.”

Finally, will also highlight the town of Comerío in the east central part of the island, which is often called “La Perla del Plata” (“Pearl of the River Plata”), and was known as a center of obacco. Comerios’ Mayor, José “Josean” Santiago adds, “Our town is distinguished by the passion to keep our roots alive, which identifies us as Puerto Ricans. We are very proud to have been the first town to be included in Lo Mejor de Nuestros Pueblos. Today, in celebrating 10 years, we remember, with much love and gratitude to all those who participated in this great event that marked our history and who have united us to the great Boricua community in Chicago. We send everyone a firm embrace and many blessings. If God allows it, we celebrate together the next Puerto Rican party of Bandera a Bandera together.” Former Congressman Luis V. Gutiérrez will close the event from Comerio.

During HITN’s special program the mayors of these cities will reinforce and raise awareness to the importance of being counted in this year’s census, promoting citizen participation, in an effort to maximize the participation by Puerto Rican families as a whole. It should be noted that according to recent data, less than 30% of Puerto Ricans on the island have filled out their U.S. Census forms.

Chicago residents can tune in at8;30am CST via Comcast 647, DIRECTV 461, DISH 880, and U-verse 3055. The show will be broadcast in Puerto Rico via Liberty Cable.

About HITN

HITN-TV is a leading Spanish-language media company that offers educational and cultural programming for the whole family. It reaches more than 44 million homes in the US and Puerto Rico via DIRECTV, AT&T U-verse, AT&T TV, AT&T TV Now, DISH Network, Verizon FiOS TV, Comcast Xfinity, Charter Spectrum, Mediacom, CenturyLink Prism and Altice. Download the “HITN GO” Everywhere App available on Apple, Android, Apple TV and Roku® with a cable subscription. For more information visit: and follow @HITNtv on social platforms.

HITN Donates 100 iPads

HITN Visits Chicago to Support Fiesta Boricua 2018 and Donates 100 iPads


Brooklyn, NY – HITN, From August 31 to September 2, 2018, Chicago’s Puerto Rican community led by Alderman Roberto Maldonado (26th Ward), State Rep. Cynthia Soto, and the Puerto Rican Cultural Center Juan Antonio Corretjer as well as other elected officials sponsored the 25th Fiesta Boricua (2018) also known as “de Bandera a Bandera“. This festival, which is the largest two-day Puerto Rican festival in the Midwest, annually draws thousands of visitors.

Among the festivities and events were a back-to-school carnival, a press conference, and the annual Noche Jibara/Guayabera Gala, as well as two days of festivities with the best of Puerto Rican food, music, and art history represented.

HITN was well-represented, with President and CEO Michael D. Nieves, Chief Learning and Development Officer Maryann Marrapodi, Angel Audiffred, Marketing Manager and L. Alejandro Molina attending the various functions.

During the Friday press conference, CEO Mike Nieves announced a new pre-school educational technology partnership as the largest Latino cable non-commercial network in the United States, with the Puerto Rican Cultural Center Juan Antonio Corretjer and its childcare, Centro Infantil Consuelo Lee Corretjer, beginning with the donation of 100+ iPads with staff training, over 20 pre-installed children’s bi-lingual, math, and other STEM-based apps and will continue this initiative with HITN Puerto Rico in Comerio, Loiza and San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico, and its municipal daycares. “It’s my silver anniversary in Chicago, as I was also here 25 years ago. This is an honor for us, we are in 44 million households, and one of most significant markets for us is Chicago, so we are committed to the community here.

In addition to the above, the Puerto Rican Agenda of Chicago presented a check for $20,000 as part of the 3R’s Campaign 4 Puerto Rico to the Mayor of Loiza, Julia Nazario Fuentes.

The list of distinguished participants at the press conference, in addition to HITN leadership, included: Hon. Julia Nazario Mayor of Loiza, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Puerto Rican Patriot Oscar Lopez Rivera, New York State Assemblyman Jose Rivera, State Representative Cynthia Soto, Alderman Roberto Maldonado and PRCC Executive Director Jose E. Lopez and Childcare Director Xochitl Ramirez.

After the press conference, HITN’s Maryann Marrapodi, and CIC Director Ramirez, along with the childcare students, demonstrated the iPads and apps.

About HITN

HITN-TV is the largest non-commercial Hispanic network in the United States, offering educational and cultural programming for the whole family. It reaches more than 44 million viewers in the US and Puerto Rico via DIRECTV, DISH Network, AT&T U-verse TV, Verizon FiOS TV, Comcast, Charter Spectrum, Frontier Mediacom, CenturyLink Prism, and Cablevision. For more information, please visit

Solar Lamps Reach The Plaza De Loiza

Solar Lamps Reach The Plaza de Loiza


Brooklyn, NY – HITN, On Saturday, August 18, in the community of Loiza, more than a thousand solar lamps were distributed to those who still suffer from faults in Puerto Rico’s electrical system. The public television network HITN, which provides educational and entertainment programming to more than 44 million homes in the United States in Spanish, coordinated this effort to distribute lamps in the municipality of Loiza.

The Vice-Mayor of Loiza, Rafael Ortiz Escobar was present with Linda Hernández Rosado, from HITN’s board of directors and others from the HITN team to distribute the solar lamps to the community.

About HITN

HITN-TV is the largest non-commercial Hispanic network in the United States, offering educational and cultural programming for the whole family. It reaches more than 44 million viewers in the US and Puerto Rico via DIRECTV, DISH Network, AT&T U-verse TV, Verizon FiOS TV, Comcast, Charter Spectrum, Frontier Mediacom, CenturyLink Prism, and Cablevision. For more information, please visit