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Brooklyn, N.Y.  – HITN, a Pay TV network dedicated to offering content relevant to Spanish-speaking audiences in the US and Puerto Rico, will premiere for the first time in U.S Cable TV history the documentary ‘La Gran Falacia’ (The Great Fallacy) this Sunday, June 26!

La Gran Falacia’ is the first documentary by a television network dedicated to analyzing the current political, economic and social situation in Puerto Rico. It features exclusive interviews with leading historians and politicians, who examine the island’s recent history and explore possible solutions to the crisis.

Among the important issues addressed are Puerto Rico’s default on its public debt and the island’s complicated legal status as a commonwealth of the United States, which obliges it to comply with US economic regulations but prevents it from declaring an orderly bankruptcy, much less pursue a financial bailout!

HITN-TV is pleased to present the premiere of this important documentary about the situation in Puerto Rico and the debate in Congress to determine the island’s economic future,” HITN-TV General Manager Eric Turpin remarked.

Under the slogan “every nation is responsible for its own destiny,” the documentary aims to inform and raise awareness of the issues while urging Puerto Ricans to stay strong in the face of crisis.

La Gran Falacia’ was produced by Paco Vázquez and directed by Paco Vázquez, Teresa Velez and Felo DeBoriken.

It will premiere on HITN-TV Sunday, June 26 at 9:00 pm, ET / 6:00 pm PT.

Watch the trailer below:

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