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The documentary takes a colorful tour of one of the largest fairs in Latin America, inviting the audience to experience the tradition and cultural wealth of Mexico from their homes.

Brooklyn, NY – HITN TV the presentation of a feature documentary about the San Marcos National Fair, an original production of Mexicanal, which will reach more than 40 million Spanish speakers across the United States on HITN-TV on Saturday, April 25. For the first time in history, one of the most important events in Mexico, ‘La Feria Nacional de San Marcos‘, also known as “La Feria de México”, has been postponed due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19 and by what the documentary will bring the holiday to all Mexicans, inside and outside the country, while they are quarantined at home.

The San Marcos National Fair is the most important festival in the state of Aguascalientes in Mexico, and one of the 10 most important in the world. The fair is held in honor of Saint Mark the Evangelist and offers a variety of attractions for the whole family, among which are: sports competitions, the placement of the solemn side, the traditional ‘mañanitas’ birthday song, the coronation of the queen, the spring parade, the waiters’ race, cultural activities, bullfights, musical concerts, livestock, industrial and agri-food exhibitions, among many other activities.

The documentary follows the story of four friends, Carlos, Frida, Melanie, and Beto, who are in Aguascalientes, a state located in central Mexico, on the eve of the fair’s celebration. The four friends begin a journey that lasts several days, to discover together all the traditions of the fair such as the Mexican rodeo ‘charrería’, livestock, music, gastronomy, culture and other activities, which make this holiday one of the most popular from Mexico and Latin America.

Despite the health crisis in Mexico and in the world, this initiative will allow my countrymen, and Spanish- speaking families in the US, to enjoy the biggest party in Aguascalientes,” said Humberto Montero de Alba, President of the Board of Trustees of the National Fair of San Marcos, adding that: “The Ministry of Tourism and the Board of Trustees of the Fair will also carry out actions on social networks so that all Spanish-speaking families can connect to the virtual celebration and experience the fair from the comfort of their homes”.

The documentary will be broadcasted through public television stations throughout Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia, and on HITN TV this coming Saturday, April 25 at 6:00 p.m. Eastern time / 3:00 p.m. Pacific with a same-day broadcast at 6:00 p.m. Eastern time / 6:00 p.m. Pacific time.

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