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HITN contributes to Centro for Puerto Rico to purchase 52, 440 gallon water tanks for victims of Hurricane Maria through the Agua Pa’l Pueblo Movement as a continuance of hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico

Brooklyn, NY HITN, the largest non-commercial Hispanic network in the United States that offers educational and entertainment content to more than 44 million households across the country, has donated $24,700 in efforts to help Agua Pa’l Pueblo, a fundraiser with its mission to provide clean water to the residents living in poor neighborhoods without access to filtered water following the flooding and mass destruction caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

“While donations and supplies are welcomed in an effort to provide relief for the victims of Hurricane Maria, obtaining water is one of the country’s top priorities,” says Michael D. Nieves, President and CEO of HITN. “As we head into the holiday season and in more ways than one, Christmas serves as a reminder for all of us to shed light on everyone, including those who need it the most. We are all fortunate that we get to enjoy the things we have with our loved ones in the comfort of our home while others do not even have potable water readily available.

Agua Pa’l Pueblo, supported by the fundraiser Waves for Water, has successfully acquired dozen of 440 gallon tanks to install into poor areas that do not have access to clean water. With HITN’s donation, the fundraiser will be able to acquire 52 tanks each holding 440 gallons of water for Puerto Rican residents.

For more information on how to support Agua Pa’l Pueblo, please visit:

Waves for Water: Founded by Jon Rose in 2009, the organization launched with a program called the Courier Program – a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) distribution network of travelers who carry water filters in their luggage, eliminating the distribution challenges faced by philanthropic aid programs. Since then, W4W has reached nearly seven million people in more than 27 countries including Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Haiti, Brazil, Liberia, Mexico, India and Colombia. The organization was the first non-profit to team up with a U.S. military battalion in an active war zone to help people in need along the Kunar River in Afghanistan. In addition to a primary focus around providing access to clean water, they coordinate and execute natural disaster relief efforts around the world.

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HITN-TV is the largest non-commercial Hispanic network in the United States, offering educational and cultural programming for the whole family. It reaches more than 44 million viewers in the US and Puerto Rico via DIRECTV, DISH Network, AT&T U-verse TV, Verizon FiOS TV, Comcast, Charter Spectrum, Frontier Mediacom, CenturyLink Prism, and Cablevision. For more information, please visit

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