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HITN and TV Azteca Co-Produce More Than 200 Hours of “Vida y Salud” Content

January 10, 2019

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The series will air on HITN in the US and on TV Azteca International networks in Latin America, as well as on the website 

The series will air on HITN in the US and on TV Azteca International networks in Latin America, as well as on the website 

Brooklyn, NY HITN, the leading Spanish-language network that offers educational and entertainment content to families in more than 44 million households across the United States via Pay TV providers, announced an agreement with TV Azteca International to co-produce more than 200 hours of the television block “Vida y Salud.”  The programming will premiere in the United States on HITN on Monday, January 14.

“Vida y Salud” will air in two-hour episodes every morning from Monday through Friday in the United States on HITN, and in Latin America on AZ Mundo, a TV Azteca International Pay TV network. Segments of the program on specific topics will also be available for the global market via the new Spanish-language health website

Vida y Salud” is an important brand for HITN.  For more than two years, we have been presenting a daily programming block with carefully selected content designed to help US Hispanic audiences make healthful lifestyle choices. By producing our own program we are taking the brand to the next level, generating specialized content that covers the topics of most interest to our viewers,” explained Guillermo Sierra, Head of Television and Digital Services at HITN.  “US Hispanics have high rates of chronic illnesses associated with unhealthful lifestyle habits, so HITN has made it part of its mission to provide them with the information they need to make a change for the better.

For TV Azteca International, this co-production partnership with HITN is a great opportunity to join forces on a high-quality product that makes an enormous contribution to the health and wellbeing of Latinos,” commented Patricia Jasín, Vice President of TV Azteca International. “Without doubt, this is just the beginning of a productive relationship for both of our companies.  The international distribution arm of TV Azteca will represent the program for licensing around the world, expanding our audience even further.

Vida y Salud” is based on the brand and website developed by the well-known medical presenter Doctora Aliza.  In the new series, interviews with invited medical experts cover issues such as nutrition, sexual and reproductive health, mental health, pregnancy and infant care, presented with clear and accessible explanations.  Filmed at the TV Azteca studios in Mexico City, the series is hosted by Gabriela Quiroga and Ericsson Espitia, with Laura Masnatta as executive producer.

On the same day that the new program premieres on HITN, the network will unveil its newly redesigned “Vida y Salud” website,  Featuring information about more than 5,000 medical topics, the new site incorporates more video content than ever, presented in Spanish in a dynamic and entertaining style.

TV Azteca is one of the world’s largest producers of Spanish-language television programming.  It operates four television networks with national coverage in Mexico: Azteca uno, oriented toward women; Azteca 7, which targets young audiences; adn40, the first national open TV network with 24-hours a day news; and a+, which offers viewers around the country differentiated programming in each state, with locally produced news and sports programs.  TV Azteca International also has four Pay TV networks (AZ Mundo, AZ Corazón, AZ Clic and AZ Cinema), reaching more than 118,647,183 people around the world.  In addition, TV Azteca International distributes an ample catalogue of content it has produced over its 25-year history.

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