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Comerío: The Puerto Rican Agenda in Chicago returns with new aid for the town of Comerío. In an activity held yesterday, on August 15, in the community of La Juncia in the Río Hondo neighborhood of the town as mentioned above, the first stone was laid to start the construction of what will be the First Resilience Center in this community, of Comerío. Mayor Josian Santiago highlighted the fact that this new center is possible because of the nearly $150,000.00 investment which was was split by the Puerto Rican Agenda of Chicago and the Municipality of Comerío. He explained that, during a visit to the city of Chicago at the invitation of the Mayor of the Windy City, Rahm Emanuel, the Puerto Rican Agenda Committee gave him a donation of $40,000.00 to start the first phase of this vital project. This space will serve as a center of first response to an emergency before any atmospheric eventuality like a hurricane. It will have a 15k electric generator, 2,500-gallon water tank, industrial kitchen, washing machines, food storage and other facilities for the use of the community.

On the other hand, the community that attended this activity received solar lamps from HITN, the entertainment and education channel, and the Hispanic Federation. This gift was received with all the joy of the world, since this very group of residents was over six months without light, and know in the flesh, the terrible thing of darkness. The representative for HITN, Yanira Meléndez, Manager of Funded Initiatives, said, “For HITN, it is part of our commitment to help communities in Puerto Rico. We affirm that commitment by contributing our bit to the recovery process of our country.” In addition, HITN is working on an initiative to provide training to teachers of the Comerio Day Care Center and its parents, in the integration and maximization of technological tools in the preschool. The initiative includes the donation of iPads and high-speed hotspots to the Day Care. HITN is working simultaneously with the municipalities of Loíza and San Lorenzo as part of the same project.

Just a few years ago, Early Education teachers discussed the positive and negative impact of using interactive technology with young children. This debate has now focused on how to use the power and promise of digital media to better support the interests and academic, social, physical and emotional needs of each child. That’s why we launched our initiative with the iPads and the municipalities” said Michael D. Nieves, President, and CEO, HITN.

This is great social work. It is important that we prepare for any eventuality such as the one we experience after hurricane Maria. We hope to conclude this first shelter as soon as possible and try to continue in other communities. So we will be identifying funds to achieve this, and above all, we are grateful from the depths of the help we have received from the brothers in Chicago, without them the history of Comerío would be different“said the Mayor of Comerío.

Thanks to the ties established between Chicago and Comerío over the past years and even more since the visit of Congressman Luis Gutiérrez just three days after Hurricane Maria passed through Puerto Rico, the town of Comerío has received more than $200,000.00 in aid to address this emergency. The City of Chicago and its organizations continue with their commitment to identifying in the Puerto Rican community residing in the city of the winds more resources and funds that can continue to support this cause and raise the residents of the said town.

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