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Recently, the non-profit group “Festival de los Reyes Magos de Vieques” promoted their annual campaign to raise school resources for the children of Vieques. HITN joined this campaign, producing a commercial for this benefit.

With great pride, they announced that Ada Rosa Rivera Negrón had designed the 2021 Festival of the Reyes Magos’ commemorative plate in Vieques. This outstanding exponent of Puerto Rican printmaking, a native of San Juan, produces works characterized by her patriotic ideology and women’s theme, from her workshop “Divino Engrabado.”

The plate “Reyes 2021” is a beautiful engraving of our Three Wise Men, made in black and white with touches of red. The wise men appear surrounded by leaves of the typical beach grape, with the symbols of the Vieques flag, the island’s silhouette, and one of the Kings carrying the emblematic word: “Peace”. This plate uses a technique different from all the others in the collection, engraving. The engraving adds another touch of creativity and individuality in the interpretation of the Kings. The Magi who come from the East and who, by geographical accident, inevitably arrive first in Vieques.

Professor and artist Rivera Negrón teaches at the Interamerican University, Bayamón Campus, at the San Juan School of Plastic Arts (where she began her studies), and at the Puerto Rico Art Museum, where she offers workshops and conferences. She has a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from the Autonomous University of Mexico.

Without fear of what awaits us and full of hope for the future. We thank Ada Rosa for being the brave and for bringing her art and talent to the children of Vieques, to the Puerto Rican tradition, and to the art that unites us so much.

For more information and to get your commemorative plate:


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