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This exciting, 10-hour adventure filled series invites Spanish-speaking families to discover and have a deeper understanding of the most fascinating species that live on planet Earth

Brooklyn, NY – HITN TV kicks off this Earth Day celebration with the first season of its original nature show “Mundo Salvaje con Ron Magill”, presented by wildlife expert Ron Magill, who will take families at home through the wonders of wildlife while also learning about the surprising curiosities and unpredictable instincts of the planet’s most captivating species.

The marathon will consist of ten one-hour episodes from the first season of “Mundo Salvaje con Ron Magill’, and will air on HITN TV on Wednesday, April 22, starting at 5:00 p.m. Eastern /2:00 p.m. Pacific.

Mundo Salvaje con Ron Magill” is dedicated to promoting the conservation of species and respect for nature and is part of HITN’sTu Planeta” block. Since its launch, the program, in which each episode shows wildlife expert Ron Magill talking animatedly with the audience, has seen a significant and steady increase in viewership, ranking last month in the top 5 among HITN’s favorite shows. Each episode of the first season of “Mundo Salvaje con Ron Magill” presents stunning views of wildlife in its natural environment, along with entertaining and educational explanations from Magill, who takes nature lovers on unforgettable, entertaining adventures.

Ron Magill has received five Emmy awards for his work on nature documentaries. He is the Director of Communications at Zoo Miami in Miami, Florida.
One of my favorite sayings is that, ‘in the end, we protect what we love, we love what we understand, and we understand what we are taught.’ By having the privilege of hosting Mundo Salvaje, it is my sincere hope that viewers will learn about and love some of the many wonders of our world’s wildlife while understanding that we are all connected to it. The reality is that the fate of wildlife and the health of our natural world is an indicator and a reflection of the quality of life for all of us. By protecting nature, we are protecting ourselves. On this 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we must all remember that we have not inherited this earth from our parents, we are borrowing it from our children.

Our mission in “Mundo Salvaje with Ron Magill” is to awaken curiosity in children and families in an entertaining way. The more we learn about animal behavior, the more involved we will become in protecting them,” commented Laura Masnatta, Executive Producer of HITN TV and added, “In these times that we live, overwhelmed by bad news, take a breather and be amazed with some of the most amazing creatures in our planet, featured in episodes such as: “The Animal Call”, “The Big Trips”, “Super-Cool Animals” and the “Attraction Between Species”. It’s time to make Nature our priority!

The first season of “Mundo Salvaje con Ron Magill” was produced by HITN, in collaboration with Zoo Miami and Off the Fence, one of Europe’s leading production companies for nature-related content.

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