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 A Miracle of Love After an accident riding a bicycle at age seven, this child must live with the consequences of handicap by surviving the accident. His adult life is presented and as day to day he tries to have a good quality of life with all the conditions that he developed due to not having part of the frontal bone.
Director: Josue Vera
Writer: Josue Vera
Key Cast: Jean Rodriguez
TRT: 04:48

 Alone A young woman is battling with her depression during a pandemic. She must face her fears to stop pretending she is okay and make the difficult decision that she needs help.
Director: Melissa Carvajal, Devin Redmond
Writer: Melissa Carvajal, Devin Redmond
Key Cast: Melissa Carvajal, Sonia Carvajal
TRT: 04:54

 Amor Encerrado Amor Encerrado is a Spanish animated short film about a passionate Janitor who finds himself at the center of a Telenovela wedding scandal with his cleaning supplies.
Director: Nory Gonzalez
Writer: Nory Gonzalez
TRT: 01:57

 Coqui Serenade A man sings to his loved one from the afterlife through the night time songs of the Puerto Rican Coqui frogs.
Director: Mariela R.

TRT: 01:49

Chicago A short film describing the streets of Chicago through the eyes of a young man.

Director: Mildred Amador
TRT: 01:35

Double Cultura
As the only English speaker of the house, twelve-year-old Marisol takes on the overwhelming responsibility of being her immigrant mother’s translator. Much of her own life is disrupted to aid her Spanish-speaking mother, Gloria, navigate an English-speaking world. From fully translating medical terminology and being the bearer of bad news, Marisol is thrown into an anxiety-inducing situation being the sole channel of communication between Gloria and her doctor.

Director: Yessenia Sánchez
Writer: Yessenia Sánchez
Key Cast: Raquel Yañez, Debora Balardini, Xander Jackson, Michelle Reiss
TRT: 8:32

For Martí:
Identity, solitude, bullying, and immigration. Various conflicts of modernity are presented through the eyes of a young Hispanic girl, born in the United States, who just wants to escape from a world that is constantly making her feel lonely and different from her peers. She takes refuge in the poetry of Cuban icon, Jose Martí.

Director: George Ebro
Writer: George Ebro
Key Cast:  Andrea Saiz, George Ebro, Ibis Ebro, Jorge Ebro
TRT 4:00

A Latina daughter confronts her machista father about attending a faraway college while cooking caldo.

Director: Wendy Medina Herrera
Writer: Wendy Medina Herrera, Karla Sánchez
Key Cast: Karina Hurtado, Oscar Sánchez
TRT 03:57

I Am Soil Breaking Off:
Videopoetry: A metaphor about national identity and migration as a mangrove seed and its journey.

Director: Paloma Sierra
Writer: Paloma Sierra
Key Cast: Andrew Edwards, Dusty Sanders, Sebastian Gutierrez

It Happened One Day in East LA:
How would someone from the 1960’s react to photos of modern day America?

BEN, a high school photographer in civil rights era Los Angeles, struggles with being part of the social justice movements around him. He would rather focus on his photography. That is until a magic camera reveals to him the bigger picture he needed to take part in the largest student demonstrations in U.S. history, the 1968 East LA walkouts.

Director: Victor R. Aguilar
Writer: Victor R. Aguilar, Roxanne Joseph
Key Cast: Danny Cano, Daniel Leiva
TRT 14:42


DirectorIsabel Camacho
Writer: Isabel Camacho
Key Cast: Samantha Camacho
TRT: 01:16

Lessons From My Mother:
This film follows widowed mom, Esther, and her daughter, Fer’s, quirky misadventures to rebuild a family after death. Fer guides us through her mother’s lessons on dating men as she fails at finding the right date herself. These failed attempts land them chasing financial stability instead at the funerals of freshly widowed rich men. All the while Fer has a secret of her own, she’s gay.

Director: Aurora Jimenez
Writer: Aurora Jimenez
Key Cast: Angeli Zaldivar, Kriss Dozal, Alejandro Patino
TRT 11:20

Memory Gap:
As Mili prepares for a date with her husband, she blissfully unaware of how dangerous the outside world has become. Despite her sons’ best efforts, she is determined to meet with her husband.

Director: Eduardo Calero
Writer: Eduardo Ruben Calero
Key Cast: Catherine Geller, Miguel Wilson, Kyle Portela
TRT 15:33

No Human Being is Illegal:

Director: Samuel Villagra-Stanton
TRT: 14:32

Nuestro Rostro (Our Face):
The filmmaker explores her relationship to make-up, an art that she believes can empower herself and others.

Director: Damaris Calderon
Writer: Damaris Calderon

TRT: 02:51

Oda a los Frijoles / Ode to the Beans:
A literary and visual rendition to beans, this experimental short merges a cooking recipe with archival footage of immigrants and fieldworkers.

Director: Karolina Esqueda
Writer: Karolina Esqueda

TRT: 03:53

What happens when two friends decide to quarantine together during a worldwide pandemic. Will their contrasting personalities drive them crazy or will their friendship strive?

Director: Devin Redmond
Writer: Melissa Carvajal, Milbelynn Soto, Devin Redmond
Key Cast: Melissa Carvajal, Milbelynn Soto

TRT: 05:22

Señora Océano:
A poetic short focusing on ocean conservation.

Director: Omar De León
Writer: Omar De León
TRT: 03:00

The High Tea:
A story of a female acting student facing challenges of boundaries, developing discomfort and, experiencing harassment enforced by a male counterpart.

Director: Carmanie Bhatti
Writer:  Carmanie Bhatti
Key Cast:  Carmanie Bhatti, Joshua Reyes

TRT:  13:08

The Williamsburg Italian Feast:
I grew up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn going to the Italian feast every year. I felt the need to create a piece that openly appreciates the feast as I’ve never seen anything publicized about its legacy or how much it means to those who participate. Especially with last year being the first year they had to cancel due to COVID since World War II, I feel as though it was extra special that I create this documentary.

Director: Erica Star Domena
Writer: Erica Star Domena
Key Cast: Mateo V., Norman López, Annika Hernández, Marc, Ashley, Anthony Amore, David Crane, Jason Wallin, Lauren Lefkowitz, Miles Hardamon, Layla

TRT: 08:26

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