Young Children and Technology

Young Children and Technology
Touchscreen tablets, smartphones, apps, laptops. It seems that they are everywhere and used by everyone – even toddlers.

The common use of smartphones and tablets raises many questions for parents. Which technology is best for their child? How much is too much screen time? At what age should children begin to use technology? And, most importantly, should young children use digital media at all?

While there are no easy answers to these important questions, the resources listed below will help guide you to the most appropriate choices for your children.

Free Resources About Children and Technology

  • Which is Best? – The Common Sense Media website offers reviews and recommendations for all types of media — apps, videos, games, and movies — for children of all ages
  • Make Informed Choices – The Center on Media and Child Health website offers a Tip Sheet that helps parents make informed decisions about media and their children.
  • Choosing Appropriate Media – The Children’s Technology Review provides a review of media for children from birth to age 15, an informational blog and multiple resources to guide families in choosing and using digital technology.
  • Introducing Media and Monitoring Screen Time – Read this article on to learn more about how to introduce your children to digital media and how to monitor and limit their screen time once they get on the devices!

Build Your Knowledge About Young Children and Technology

  • Erikson TEC Center – The Erikson site offers video and print resources focused on the use of technology in the early years.
  • How Young is Too Young? As this informative video points out, there are no easy answers to this question. Watch the video to understand what some of the issues are.