Promoting Early Math Skills

Promoting Early Math Skills
Early math matters. Early math skills not only build the critical foundation for later success in math, but they are also one the single greatest predictors of both math and reading achievement – in every grade, through high school!

As parents, you see your children ‘playing math’ every day. They count, measure, compare, name shapes, build with blocks, and more. There are many things you can do to encourage your children to continue to explore the world of math and develop the math skills they need for success in school. Explore the resources that follow to find out more.

Free Resources for Developing Early Math Skills

  • Helping Children Count – How many things can you count? An endless number! Read the article Counting and Young Children to learn more about how you can help your kids learn to count.
  • Printables – Look through this site from Scholastic to download math puzzles, coloring sheets and practice pages for three- to five-year-olds.
  • Math All Around! – This website offers you tips for building math skills, games, and activities that you can use every day to help prepare your children for school success.
  • Free Online Math Games – These computer-based math games will help your kids learn to count, name and write numbers, compare sizes, extend sounds, and much more!
  • Activities and More Activities! – This Pinterest site provides a broad range of math activities you and your children can do at home to build a deep understanding of math knowledge and skills.
  • 75 More Math Activities! – This collection of math activities for young children offers fun activities for you to do with your child to build skills in graphing, matching, counting, measuring, sorting, understanding shapes, and others.
  • Colors and Shapes – This video fills the screen with shapes and gives the name and color of each to help you help your child learn to shape and color names.
  • Sing and Learn – Help your child learn and sing the shape song in this video to identify the names of shapes they see every day.

Learn More About Young Children and Math

  • Storybooks About Math – Read storybooks that are specifically designed to help three- to five-year-olds understand that math is everywhere! This list of books will get you started.
  • What Is Pre-K Math? – This helpful booklet will help you understand the math skills you child’s pre-K teacher builds and how these develop throughout the school day.
  • What Does Pre-K Math Look Like? – Watch this video of math in Head Start classrooms to see how math knowledge and skills are developed and find ideas you can use at home.