Child Development Stages – Birth to Age Five

Child Development Stages – Birth to Age Five
From helpless infant to increasingly independent four-year-olds, children grow and develop quickly in their first few years of life. But all children do not grow and develop at the same time or in the same way.

What can you reasonably expect your child to know and be able to do at each age? What can you do to support their growth and development? When should you be concerned?

These resources will help you find answers to these and other questions about your child’s growth and development.

Free Resources About Child Development

  • Early Help Makes a Difference (New York State Department of Health)
    This publication, in English or Spanish, helps you to learn how to screen your child’s development, from birth to two years old. Find out how you can get help if you live in New York State.
  • Milestone Moments (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
    Read about developmental milestones for typically developing children, from birth to age 5, and learn how you can support your child’s development. Spanish and English versions are available.
  • Developmental Milestones Checklist (Illinois Department of Human Services)
    This bilingual chart, in Spanish and English, offers a look at the developmental milestones from birth to age 3.

Learn More About Typical Child Development

Learn more about how children typically develop, from birth to age three by visiting the following websites. Resources are available in Spanish and English.

  • Zero to Three – This website provides useful charts and guides, in Spanish and English, to help parents understand what children can do at certain ages.
  • American Academy of Pediatricians – Available in Spanish and English, this site offers resources focused on helping you develop healthy children.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website provides online resources, in English and Spanish, about supporting healthy child development.