Federal and Local Health Resources for those affected by the Coronavirus

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Basado your location in  Ashburn, you will find health resources offered by the Federal and local governments.

General health assistance provided in your city, Ashburn, and state:

Local Government Website

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Assistance for elders

Alzheimer’s Association
(available 24/7)

Jobs & Unemployment

Assistance for those whose jobs are affected due to Coronavirus

Federal & Local Health Assistance

Government health assistance for those affected by the Coronavirus.

Food Assistance

Here you will find information for food banks and food assistance.

Rent & Mortgages

Information on how to address rent and mortgage payments if you were affected by the Coronavirus.

Undocumented and Immigrants

Assistance for those undocumented and immigrants affected by the Coronavirus.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance for those affected by the Coronavirus.