Resources for those affected by COVID-19

We know that in these difficult times, getting help and moving forward can be very difficult. However, both the government and several non-profit organizations have activated measures to help those most affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. The most important thing is not to despair, knowing that we are not alone in this and knowing where we can find all the available information that can help us. For this reason, we have created this section of resources to help the community according to its needs. We will be constantly updating this as we receive more information.

Jobs & Income

Assistance for those whose jobs are affected due to Coronavirus

Federal & Local Health Assistance

Government health assistance for those affected by the Coronavirus.

Food Assistance

Here you will find information for food banks and food assistance.

Rent & Mortgages

Information on how to address rent and mortgage payments if you were affected by the Coronavirus.

Undocumented and Immigrants

Assistance for those undocumented and immigrants affected by the Coronavirus.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance for those affected by the Coronavirus.