Break into the Esports Industry

Gaming has made strides by becoming a real sport, but one area where the esports industry falls short is diversity. What’s needed is a program that will effectively engage  gamers who have been left out. This program is CONDUIT.
CONDUIT offers young Hispanic and African-American gamers a way to break into the esports industry.
As in every sport, coaching and training is important for professionals to succeed. CONDUIT offers competitive-level training, with access to ranked professional players and serves as a pipeline into a growing industry that requires problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.
Our program is designed to take young students from casual players to professional gamers. Through partnerships with organizers in the esports industry, the graduates of CONDUIT are offered entry opportunities to tournaments around the country and access to business professionals in the field.

Learn from Professional Gamers

CONDUIT’s program offers training developed by ranked professional gamers, along with learning lessons designed by teachers that focus on developing problem-solving skills, improved communication, working in teams, and leadership skills.

Designed for Remote Learning

Video-on-demand lessons and digital & printable worksheets make it possible to view and review lessons remotely.

Competitive edge

Access to participate in monthly “East and West Super Smash tournaments” via our partners Nerdstreet Gamers.

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